As well as cast iron staircases with fixed dimensions, Villa d'Or also makes bespoke staircases. These include:

1. Special configurations with the Dijon model by combining straight and spiral treads to create a quarter-turn, half-turn or double-revolution staircase.

2. Create a new configuration for an existing model. For example, the Paris model with a rotation speed of 20 degrees per step (instead of 22.5 degrees per step) and/or a height of 18cm per step (instead of 20cm per step).

3. Create a new model based on an existing one. As is done, for example, with the Paris model, by creating Paris Plus and Grand Paris.

4. Reproduce a staircase based on an old (salvaged) staircase.

5. Reproduce a staircase based on one (or more) photo(s).

6. Create a new model based on a drawing.