Apart from the production and sale of cast iron staircases, Villa d’Or also takes care of installation. The installers of Villa d’Or know the staircases inside out, and will travel all over Europe to install your staircase.

Installation is subject to certain conditions to avoid unnecessary travel. First, the customer himself must be present, and the floors and hopper must be finished.

At the bottom, the staircase is laid on the finished floor and will reach the floor level at the top. The staircase will be fixed (by the step) in the structure (!) of the hopper, i.e. against the mezzanine at about 55mm from the finished level above.

Given the number of kilometers Villa d’Or covers and to avoid wasting too much time with travel, Villa d’Or group the installations. It's up to the customer to adapt to the schedule of Villa d’Or.

To have the staircase installed in your home by Villa d’Or ask us for prices.