Spiral staircase PARIS


A magnificent industrial cast iron spiral staircase, dating from the second half of the 19th century, around 1860-1880. The staircase reflects and represents convincingly the craftsmanship of the industrial era. Its unique and recognizable design makes that this staircase merges smoothly and perfectly in any kind of interior, whether it is industrial, shabby chic, romantic, modern, cosy, rustic or country living. With this state-of-the-art eye-catcher you add instantly value to your home. The limited diameter of 131cm allows to fit in almost every imaginable space.

Interesting to know is that this Paris model staircase played a main role in the French film 'Escalier de fer' after the well-known book of writer George Simenon in which actor Laurent Gerra played the main role.

Due to the success of the Paris model staircase, Villa d’Or also developed the Paris Plus model (180cm) and the Grand Paris model staircase (240cm).


Riser height
Rotation direction

: 131cm
: 20cm
: Clockwise and Anti-clockwise

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